Durano Eco Farm and Spring Resort, Carmen, Cebu

Carmen’s Durano EcoFarm and Spring Resort is fast becoming the top choice for quick out of town dips among Cebuanos. Not only is the resort kid and family friendly, it is also packed with so much goodness mother nature has to offer.
 The Durano Spring Resort is amazing because it build in a riverside with a long trees and behind with a big rock where you can relax yourself. This resort is suitable for all - to your family, friends, colleagues for you to hang-on with during vacation and leisure time.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Durano-Eco-Farm/216897115051247

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Anjanette Heramiz said...

Hi justine. Me and my friends would really want to visit this place this coming sunday, feb 10. However, we dont know how much would be the estimated expenses. May i ask how much is the rent for their cottages if any?

Ann Recel Estores said...

how much po ang rate sah overnyt???

joefil's nest said...

unsay naa sa Durano Eco Farm?!
Aside from it's pool unsa pa lain
nila, rides perhaps?

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