Danasan ECO Adventure Park - Danao, Cebu

Located in Barangay Danasan (a good hour away from Danao City, Cebu, Philippines), Danasan Eco Adventure Park boasts of 133 hectares of beautiful outdoors. The Park has three (3) caves, a waterfall with three (3) astounding drops, several fresh water springs, and a man-made lake. It also has a wide range of eco-friendly activities that will surely satisfy one’s thirst for adventure.All Park facilities are fully environment-friendly and were carefully planned so as not to cause any harm to the natural beauty of the environment. The Park leverages on nature’s splendor after all.

 Bike Rentals

 Zip Line

 Horseback Riding

 Wall Climbing




Water Falls Exploring

Caving and Trekking

 Wake Boarding

 ATV Rentals 

 Rope Course

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